MS Kumar

Kumar is a composer for motion picture and games. He has given his hand in sound mixing for a few projects as well. Always curious in exploring new sound for the visual media, he has collaborated on various films in writing scores that has been showcased at numerous renowned film festivals across the globe and continues to work on some of the best upcoming projects. To name a few, Léo has screened around the globe , winning multiple film festivals and was nominated for Best Post Graduate Film at the Royal Television Awards. Leo is about a guy who accepts a job in smuggling a refugee couple through France.

Currently he has collaborated in scoring for a Crime drama film, Native Speaker, a film about a British national living in Warsaw meets a tenant and switch their identities. The film is in festival circuit and gaining positive reception worldwide.
He is also currently working with a mobile gaming firm from San Francisco, California, Color Switch, in producing music. Color Switch - the Official Version with 200 million downloads and counting, was the fastest game in the App Store history to reach 50 million downloads and was the #1 game in over 150 countries. A sequel version, Color switch world has been developed recently and he is producing music for It as well.

" My Music My Inspiration ", is the root key for successful creation of his continuous masterpieces.

K corp is an organisation formed by Kumar in 2020 which is in development stage. It works around the clock with only remote working, researching on betterment of music and sound, bringing together people across the planet.